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Activists in Munich (Germany) had a meeting on thursday (Nov.5th) to express their solidarity with the occupations in Austria. Afterwards hundreds of them occupied the Academy of Fine Arts. Currently they are working on further steps (getting organised, having workshops, etc.).

Last thursday (Nov.5th) students occupied two lecture halls in Tübingen (Germany). The activists plan to stay until next weekend at least. They are organizing a program for every day: educational forums, fun & relaxation, cultural events. Last night (Nov.7th) a concert was organized.

People in Greece have been struggling against the increasing commercialisation of public education since 2005. In 2006 until 2008 Greece experienced a massive student movement. At the moment the situation is rather quiet, but the activist believes that the movement will revive soon. The activist will try to re-energize the movement.

Student representatives and activists met in Geneva (Switzerland) on Nov.3rd to discuss the “Global Week of Action” for the first time. There were 30 of them. Tomorrow (Nov.9th) a general reunion will take place to plan the GWA in detail. Three “working groups” have already been formed: “communication”, “revindication” and “creativity”. Further groups across the country will be contacted and informed.

Activists held a California-wide (U.S. of A.) co-ordinating meeting yesterday (Nov.7th) where people decided to have simultaneous actions (sit-ins, teach-ins, rallies, etc.) on Nov.18th. The meeting was attended by students ,teachers and union members from 7 different universities in California. Together they are struggling against the increase of tuition fees, budget cuts and the further privatisation of public education.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport recently announced no extra charges for public education in Sierra Leone.

Austria: Students and lecturers at the Academy of Arts in Vienna began to organize protests against the modularisation (introduction of Bachelor/Master degree system). As a consequence they occupied the academy (Oct.20th). People and groups expressed their solidarity and soon the protests spread across the country, especially after students began to squat the “Audimax” at the University of Vienna. The movement didn’t just focus on education, but had a more general approach. There was and is no organisation or institution pushing the protests.

Upcoming court dates in Barcelona (Catalunya/Spain) for those charged after the police brutally raided an occupied university building in March this year [details here or here ]: Nov.18th + 26th

Messages of Solidarity are most welcome:

Stay up-to-date on what is happening in Barcelona

Currently activists are also squatting another university building and are inviting people around the world to visit them :) Drop them a line for details. Geneva and Skopje welcomes activists from around the world as well.

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